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Use the cookbook_file resource to transfer files from a sub-directory of COOKBOOK_NAME/files/ to a specified path located on a host that is running the ChefClient. If you want to see examples of how Chef uses resources in recipes, take a closer look at the cookbooks that Chef authors and maintains: https://github.com/chef-cookbooks. Transfer a file from a URL remote_file '/tmp/testfile' do source 'http://www.example.com/tempfiles/testfile' mode '0755' checksum '3a7dac00b1' # A SHA256 (or portion thereof) of the file. end A custom resource is often implemented using the core chef-client resources— file, template, package, and so on—as building blocks. A custom resource is then added to a recipe using the short name of the custom resource in the recipe (and not by using any of the building block resource components). S3 File Resource for Chef. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

Chef file resource

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Chef uses templates to be able to fill the configuration file with dynamic values. Chef provides templates as a resource which can be used in the recipe. Configuration files’ dynamic values can be retrieved from data bags, attributes or even calculate them by passing them into the template. Use the cookbook_file resource to copy a file from a cookbook’s /files directory. Use the template resource to create a file based on a template in a cookbook’s /templates directory. And use the remote_file resource to transfer a file to a node from a remote location. Our internal resources do not inherit from LWRPBase and we've had to manually create resources directly through Chef::Resource::File.new(), we also have not been able to use_inline_resources and not had access to other nicities that cookbook authors have had access to for years now.

However, there is a need to download one or two files with remote_file that is outside our firewall and which must go through a HTTP proxy. If I set the http_proxy setting in /etc/chef/client.rb, it adversely affects the recipe's ability to download yum and other files from internal resources.

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Sweden : Carpe Diem (Sweden), [2014?] Description: Music recording — 1 online resource (1 sound file). Online. Talrika exempel på översättningar klassificerade efter aktivitetsfältet av “chef” – Svenska-Engelska ordbok och den intelligenta översättningsguiden. Cisco utser Niklas Andersson till chef för region Cisco Northern Europe (Belgien, Danmark, Estland, Finland, Island, Lettland, Litauen,  Junk Finder.

Chef file resource

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Chef file resource

2009/10:165, sid. Som pedagogisk ledare och chef för lärarna och övrig personal i skolan har rektorn det  Markera vem som är din närmsta chef så att du hamnar på rätt plats i personalkatalogen. You have to log in to edit this translation. or Cancel  lokal record office; dokumentsamling,arkivalier äv. records (pl.) arkivera file The Swedish National Board of Student. Aid chef head /manager / executive resource resursanvändning resource utilization resursfördelning resource allocation. Chef Inköp/ Förråd · Purchase Manager · Controller · Controller 6 Resource management EXPORT_DESCRIPTIONLadda ner exportfilDownload export file.

#309 Set up assets.kosmos.org for shared static file/webfont hosting 2 månader sedan. Sammanfogad #225 Fix the undefined variable in the instance resource 6 månader sedan. Uppförandekod, rapportera det då till din chef eller personalrepresentant.

Chef file resource

\myserver\myshare\mydirectory\myfile.txt. This allows access to the file at that path location even if the Chef Infra Client process identity does not have permission to access the file.

As you see, the parametrization of the file resource is quite similar to the Chef DSL in the recipe. Documentation of more resource classes is available on the rubydoc. Then you can just call it in some recipe: We memoize a sorted version of descendants so that resource lookups don't have to sort all the things, all the time.
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Profile page:  (figur: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Think-positive.jpg). 8.

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Resources and downloads. Media class: Digital audio file. ISBN: 97891764730303. Notes: Hon har prioriterat teatern och kärleken till Dramatens gifte chef. När älskaren bryter relationen  vault_ssh = ChefVault::Item.load('secrets', 'vaultuser-ssh-private') directory '/home/vaultuser/.ssh' do owner 'vaultuser' group 'vaultuser' mode 0700 end file  Now, we are going to write some string content onto that File using writeString to write to it: After using the writer, it's important to flush and close the resources. Framgången märkte Lopez' , då kritiker chef file resource tidigare förutspått love?